Imagine an office full of paperwork. Filing cabinets lined up in storage, high school transcripts, admission forms, SAT scores, and many more types of documents lined up for both current and potential students. How long would it take you to find a specific document if a student walked in and wanted to see one of their forms? Two minutes?  A walk back to the storage room? What if the  storage was in another building? How about instantaneous? How efficient would your office be if you had 1-2 hours freed up per day from having to search for information?

At MyQuad, we feel that universities should spend more time with students than on the daily mundane tasks of finding appropriate documents. Let us worry about the headaches pertaining to categorizing all your documents in a searchable manner. MyQuad has partnered with industry's best vendors to provide you the best document imaging solutions specifically designed for educational institutions. Let us show you how some of these solutions can make your life easier.

Please contact us to setup a demo for your university or click here to get more information about the "Imaging Breakdown" of what to expect in an imaging solution.

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