There are two parts to every imaging solution: Front-End Capture and Back-End Document Retrieval.

Front-End Capture
Front-End Capture consists of:

  1. Taking all paper based documents that come to the university, sorting them into stacks of relevant documents (known as Creating Batches)

  2. Scanning the Documents

  3. Performing any cleanups on documents if needed (i.e. Coffee marks, highlighter, worn out ink, etc)

  4. Automatic Recognition of information directly from the forms (if enabled)

  5. Assigning searchable index values to each document for easier access (sometimes automated with accuracy checks assigned to assure accuracy; known as Validation)

  6. Converting documents into PDF Format (optional)

  7. Releasing documents into a backend retrieval system allowing employees and students to retrieve immediately based who has access granted to what documents

MyQuad provides various Kofax Solutions to universities for Front-End Capture. Please download Kofax Ascent Capture datasheet for more information or go to our online demo of some of Kofax Product suites. Once you are ready to make a decision, please  contact us to setup a demo for your site.

Back-End Document Retrieval
Back-end applications deployed by MyQuad allow for universities to allocate specific security on each document type to ensure only people who are supposed to see each document type do. Some HR documents might require certain security level, where others could be accessible by both university administrators and students. Each document is accessible via keywords defined during the capture process (such as SSN, Student ID, Name, Document Type, etc.)

MyQuad provides back-end solutions from EMC Solutions. We have provided some brochures for you to download:

Data Sheet: ApplicationXtender
Data Sheet: ApplicationXtender Integration Module
Data Sheet: ERMXtender
Data Sheet: Records Manager for ApplicationXtender
Data Sheet: ScanXtender
Data Sheet: WorkflowXtender
Data Sheet: WorkflowXtender for Accounts Payable

If you would like to find out more, please contact us to show you a working demo of how Document Xtender solutions from EMC can make your life easier and free your time.


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