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Whether the university has little on-campus housing options or students simply prefer the independence of off-campus housing arrangements, one of the biggest challenges college students face is what to do about housing. The entire process, from where to find a roommate to how to locate a livable apartment that won’t break their student bank accounts, can cause frustration, as well as a waste of time and money.

MyQuad has come up with an innovative full off-campus housing solution that allows for the simplification of daily tasks, more time to provide educational services to students, and the tools to connect universities to students, students to other students, and universities and students to their communities, that equates in a fast, organized, effortless and inexpensive way to provide off-campus housing alternatives.

Quarters creates individualized off-campus housing web applications for universities that go a step beyond simple assistance for students, and gives control to the school while MyQuad manages all backend IT infrastructure related work.  They stay on top of the application maintenance, upgrades, and take away the responsibility and hassle related to time consuming backend and uptime work from the university IT staff, that allows administrators to better utilize their employees time, and also gives employees more opportunities to focus on student needs.

If you would like to find out more about MyQuad Quarters, please feel free to contact us. You can also download Quarters brochure from the Downloads section.



- Students can create personal profiles and search for and interact with potential roommates bases on personal interests and preferences.
- Landlords can upload multiple floor plans and residence information for their available properties.

Includes all PLUS features and in addition
- Universities can create text reports based on site usage, student demographic data, and more.
- Administrators have the facility to vote and distribute electronic newsletters to landlords and students.
Includes all PLUS and PRO features, plus
- The ease of graphical reports and
- Capabilities for the university to earn recurring revenue for their housing department by charging landlords to post to their site.
Working to assist higher educational institutions, with students in mind.
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