MyQuad prides itself in its focus to provide universities throughout the United States web application solutions that are designed with the goal of better assistance for students in mind; and most of all, to offer the university tools that decrease the day-to-day administrative tasks, which in turn increase the time available to provide education and care to their students.

Its first product, My Quad Quarters, a full off-campus housing solution for universities and its students, provides students with a tool that can help them find off-campus living arrangements, as well as possible compatible roommates. They can search for roommates based on personality surveys, and can hunt for apartments that fit their needs in price, location, amenities, etc.

Quarters is leased to universities on a monthly basis for a term of 2-3 year contracts, that included the software as well as full backend maintenance by MyQuad. Universities spends their time and resources providing the best assistance to students, and have the convenience of obtaining detailed reports of site usage, without the worry of maintaining the actual application, which is managed by MyQuad. MyQuad is currently working on several other new applications for
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